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inilah dia, si jali-jali~~~

Well I'm not really an expert in introducing myself, LOL. But you can call me Orrie :D right now I'm just graduated from Graphic Design major in Uni. Still working on my coloring skills and have some issues with perspective that I have to deal with.

Manga is my passion, and I mean it as in my way of life actually ;D therefore, wish me luck, bb! Also, I'm currently active as Doujin artist.
If you're curious, you can see some of my artworks in links specified below *points down* thanks for viewing!

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DA Gallery × Sketch Journal

Btw, apparently I'm enlisted in KHR blogcrew as....

{ Fuuta } + Katekyo Hitman Reborn

and the other....

Mai my fandom bicycle

Vincent Valentine my fandom bicycle

Ouran High School
Haruhi my fandom bicycle

Harry Potter
『Rowena Ravenclaw』↔ Harry Potter<

The Item Things at Hetalia
so liek I stole an obscene gay porn novel from France the other day

Hetalia OTP
(This is actually my guilty pleasure, but whatev)
[ Romano × Veneziano ] IS MY HETALIA OTP.